June Cory - My Mustard


I want the whole story, warts and all


I want the whole story, warts and all. I want to know what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

I want to know what makes you different, what you have learned, what changes you made and in a nutshell what you put your success down to.

I want subheadings bullet points, short paragraphs not pages of text – the judging sessions are long and tiring so do your best to keep us engaged.

Along with your story I want pictures - it’s like trying to please a child really, sorry! Show me your product, your office, shop or salon, show me your team, your clients, your inspiration.

Bring your story to life for us. Regardless of which category you enter the award you have set your heart on will be won by a human being not a business…. A human being with a story to share.

Be accurate with your numbers, I have seen many good applications fall down with a poor set of figures – they do have to add up. Don’t be shy, some of the best applications I have seen don’t have lots of zeros, just lots of potential.

One of the most memorable entries I have seen over the past eight years was a guy who started business from his Mum’s spare room – compete with picture of irate Mum.

Another noteworthy entry was a networking group who used a style that I had never heard of.

There was the lady plumber, the unassuming inventor, the young woman who placed community at the heart of her new business.

What makes me - on rare occasion - add some WOW bonus points is that special something – the day you went the extra mile, the moment you realised you could do it better than the next guy, the testimonial from your team. The magic business ingredient that makes you, you.

Tell, me, show me, delight me, inspire me, and you’ll win me over.,,,, and you may just take home the Gold.

June Cory launched My Mustard, a pay per click advertising agency in 2007. A Google Premier Partner and a highly enthusiastic on and offline networker, June has been an awards judge many times both regionally and nationally

For more information contact June Cory on 01442 506070 - https://www.mymustard.co.uk/ - june@mymustard.co.uk