What the hell is that supposed to mean, I hear you say.


What the hell is that supposed to mean, I hear you say. Well its really very simple, most SMEs put together a marketing/sales strategy, otherwise their business would make no sales. This will often include traditional advertising, online social media and a whole host of clever ideas that insure their brand or product is at the forefront of their market.

However, most people don’t even register the positive impact that entering business awards can bring to their business. Any business that can reach a final of a local, regional or national award will find that when they use their achievement, their business just grows and grows.

Entering most awards is an easy process and if you are not the most polished wordsmith there are true professionals out there that can help you put your application together, after all we can’t all be experts in everything. However, if you would like to complete an entry yourself why not sign up for our TOP TIPS.

Here’s what one previous winner had to say

Since winning the SME Bedfordshire Business Award, our business has gone through the roof, we’re fully booked most nights and with the credibility and kudos associated with winning we have opened a second outlet

While local newspapers and radio stations struggle with reduced editorial staff, your positive stories regarding reaching a final, or winning an award will be gladly picked up and shared with their readers/listeners – FREE publicity!

This is your chance, take the bull by the horn, be proud of your achievements and start sharing your success stories with our judges, enter today at www.smenationals.co.uk