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Entering business awards should feature as part of any dynamic marketing strategy. Awards, whether being a finalist or a winner, draws attention to your brand and enables you to gain recognition amongst your peers and competitors.

Preparing your award entry is also a motivating experience for you and your team. Very often we spend time looking up the mountain in terms of what we have still to achieve. Taking time to look down the mountain to see how far you’ve come is very rewarding.

As an experienced business awards judge, these are the things that grab my attention:

  • Describe the ‘before, during and after’. It’s really important to tell your story. Begin with what prompted you to begin your initiative or project. What were the business drivers? Explain how you went about it and then, most importantly, describe your results. For me, evaluation is key.
  • Make sure your entry contains lots of facts. Judges like me tend to look for evidence. We don’t have the intimate knowledge of your business that you have. If you’re making claims than make sure that you have the evidence to back these up. This can include PowerPoint slides, images, literature and testimonials.
  • Judges don’t only make decisions on facts. Emotions play an important role too. Video evidence is extremely powerful in this respect and can be a decisive factor. Include people and their testimonials – customers and employees alike.
  • I look for the difference that makes the difference. Avoid gimmickry but make sure you stand out from the crowd. Be proud about your story and don’t be shy.

Finally, remember to enjoy entering your award. Treat it as a celebration of your achievements and it will be.

Paul Beesley

Director & senior consultant

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