Mike Walker - 4see

The Northamptonshire SME awards were the first awards that 4see has ever entered.  We were a start-up business in 2004 and quite honestly, it felt like we had enough on our plate just growing and establishing our business, without time to enter awards.

What was surprising though, was how quickly we were able to put together our entry. There was lots of guidance available and even a workshop to assist with the process. As first timers this really helped.

On the awards night, we were hopeful but not confident that we would win, but when 4see was announced as “Employer of the Year” we couldn’t believe it.  We had worked very hard to make our company a great place to work and to get external verification that we were doing OK was fantastic.

Many of our clients have congratulated us on our win and this has really helped cement our reputation as a valued supplier to many of them.  We have used the fact that we won this award in our marketing as well as including the winners “logo” on our email footers, which again has drawn a number of comments.

It was a very proud moment to be able to lead a representative team of our staff on to the stage to collect our award and seemed a fitting endorsement of the 12 years hard work getting to this point. It created quite a buzz in the office the following day.

Following the award we had a number of valuable PR opportunities including invitations to speak at events, about how we run our business.  This in turn has created a number of opportunities or talking points with new prospects which would be hard to replicate in any other way.

We will certainly be entering again.


Mike Walker

Managing Director