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5 key benefits that make awards a business priority

The SME National Business Awards offers a brand new opportunity to receive credible recognition for your business in one of 13 categories. The University of Leicester found winning awards generates financial improvement just a year after your success.

Paul Beesley - Beyond Theory

  Entering business awards should feature as part of any dynamic marketing strategy. Awards, whether being a finalist or a winner, draws attention to your brand and enables you to gain recognition amongst your peers and competitors.

Ashbourne Insurance - Peter Smits

  Ashbourne Insurance is one of the leading independent, family-run insurance brokers in Hertfordshire.

Gary Pettit - Attention to detail

  The SME National Business Awards is an opportunity to advertise to both your customers and prospective customers why they should use you rather than one of your competitors.  It is a perfect “Shop window”.

Mike Walker - 4see

The Northamptonshire SME awards were the first awards that 4see has ever entered.  We were a start-up business in 2004 and quite honestly, it felt like we had enough on our plate just growing and establishing our business, without time to enter awards.

Have you got what it takes to be an award winner?

Awards are a fantastic way to generate positive PR for your business. It demonstrates to the outside world that you are good at what you do and it isn’t just you, your staff or your mates saying so.

Diana Sterck - Merton Chamber of Commerce

My advice is to be mindful of what will make your entry stand out I’ve been judging the Merton Best Business Awards for five years now – and it’s amazing how every year I see the strengths of a winning entry and the weaknesses of those that just don’t make the mark.