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First Things First


The first thing to say about entering awards is that you don’t need people like me to write them for you.

As a successful company, knowing your market, your customers and your talents, you are ideally placed to craft a winning award entry.

Adding an ability to make an objective assessment about your business and its place in the world will put you well on the way to collecting a prize.

A few other extras are essential ingredients in the recipe for victory.

As suggested above, any successful business is fully focused on itself and its market. As well as being an advantage, this focus can be a hindrance. You know so much that it is difficult to pick out salient, points.

Awards entries must be focused and written in understandable language. Unless you are entering an award that is being judged by people in your own industry, it is best to go back to basics with language.

If you’re including lots of jargon it is likely that the judges’ eyes will be glazing over very quickly.

Judging processes differ but the clear constant is the lack of time.

It is likely that awards judges will be locked up with tea and biscuits for hours, and only have perhaps 20 minutes to examine your entry.

Hence the vital importance of getting your key points over in as succinct and effective way possible.

Also, don’t be deceived into believing that it takes little time to do properly.

Creating and crafting an entry to stun the judges takes time to think about and to plan, so don’t leave it until the last day.

Best of luck in your endeavours!

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