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Events and PR today announced that they have signed a contract with local business TFA to move their existing 9 websites, and as they launch 3 new awards another 3 accompanying websites. They moved supplier as they felt their online presence was in much need of some TLC.

Why the construction industry is one of the most highly targeted industries for cyber-attacks.

Imagine this... you pay a large, seemingly authentic invoice to your supplier, only to realise that it was a fake invoice and the money is now irretrievable.

A library of resources to guide you on your road to recovery.

Covid-19 has affected organisations in ways that could not have been anticipated and, even now, as we’re experiencing a relaxation of lockdown, there is still much uncertainty to come. Stay ahead of your competitors

Why should you use an Insurance Broker?

Don’t rely on a comparison site for personalised cover. Have a look at the numerous advantages of using an insurance broker to help you navigate your insurance needs rather than the internet.